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Towable Inflatables

Crazy Sofa

The sofa has gone crazy! This sofa is much different from your regular couch. It's a battle to hold on while you're laughing with your friends tackling the waves that lie ahead.

Get ready to have the time of your life!

- Min: 2 people

- Max: 6 people 


Get ready to have the happiest time of your life! Hop on to the banana ride with all your friends and never stop laughing. Sit in line and watch out for that wave!

- Min: 2 people

- Max: 9 people

Fly Fish

Everyone of us has dreamt of flying like a bird. Well, with the fly fish you will fly like a fish! Taking its name from the Exocoetidae, a family of marine fish that can actually fly at around a meter above sea level the fly fish ride is a thrill seekers dream! 

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